Android 15 Beta 2 adds color contrast settings for Google’s Material You dynamic themes

Android 15 Beta 2 adds color contrast settings for Google’s Material You dynamic themes
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  • Google focused on integrating AI and Gemini, leaving Android in the background during the I/O 2024 keynote.
  • Android 15 Beta 2 includes new features like a redesigned volume panel and high contrast settings.
  • Accessing color contrast settings in Android 15 Beta 2 is now easier via the Wallpaper & Style section.

It was a huge week for fans and developers alike, as Google shared its current and future ambitions at I/O 2024. Of course, AI is a big part of the ’s plans, Gemini integration being touted in many of its products. It was clear that Google’s interests lay elsewhere, as very little time was spent on Android during its keynote, but that said, Beta 2 is now rolling out to supported devices.

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Android 15 Beta 2 is here with new features and support for more devices

Start using this update on your Nothing 2a or OnePlus phone

While these betas have been pretty much exclusive to Pixel devices until now, new partners will now have access to them as well, meaning more people are getting early access to Android 15 before its official release. As people spend more time with the latest beta, we’re seeing new features appear, some major and some smaller, like the recently redesigned volume panel.

New accessibility settings arrive with Android 15 Beta 2

Additionally, it appears that a new accessibility feature has been implemented, allowing a high contrast setting that is now compatible with Google’s Material You dynamic themes. Users can now access the new setting by long-pressing any empty space on the home screen and then selecting Wallpaper and style. Of course you can also go to Settings menu and navigate to Wallpaper and style section to access it as well.


One thing to note is that the new Color contrast The setting will only appear in the Home screen tab and will not be available in the lock screen settings menu. As you can see from the images above, there are plenty of customization options with the new mode, with the ability to set the contrast level, with medium and high options. Additionally, you can also maximize text contrast with white or black text background options.

Now, eagle-eyed Android users will likely recognize this feature as something that’s always been there, and you’d be right, because Eduardo was quick to point it out in the Android Police Slack group. What Beta 2 brings is an easier way to access this menu, whereas in Android 14 users had to enable Developer Options and access the setting by heading to System → Developer Options → Contrast.

On the other hand, Android 15 makes things simple and easy, which is ideal for those who need quick access to change this setting. If you want to try this or any other of the new features in Android 15 Beta 2, just make sure you have a compatible device and sign up for the beta to gain access through the Android Beta program.

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