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Starting with Android 15, Google is officially changing how Bluetooth works with a new toggle that will automatically turn Bluetooth back on a day after it’s turned off.

As previously noted, Android 15 changes the default behavior of Bluetooth: if the user turns it off, it turns back on the next morning. The change is now active by default in Android 15 Beta 2 and applies to both the Quick Settings menu and normal system settings.

Why this change? Google doesn’t specifically say why, but updated language on the Bluetooth page indicates the adjustment is being made for the sake of Quick Share and Find My Device.

When Bluetooth is enabled, your device can communicate with other Bluetooth devices nearby. Features like Quick Share and Find My Device use Bluetooth.


Apple has similar behavior on iOS, although it’s not as easy to turn off auto-wake. On iOS, turning off Bluetooth through Command Center will turn the radio back on a day later, but it won’t through the full Settings menu. Google’s version is much clearer in this regard.

However, it doesn’t depend on when you turn Bluetooth off. Google specifically says, only in Quick Settings, that Bluetooth will be turned back on “tomorrow morning.” However, it is not clear what “morning” means in this context.

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