Kevin Magnussen wreaks havoc at Imola Grand Prix as FIA discusses regulatory changes


Following recent incidents involving Kevin Magnussen during the Miami Sprint Grand Prix weekend, the FIA ​​is considering tougher sanctions for Formula 1 drivers. The incidents have triggered a review of existing sanction structures which many believe are insufficient to deter unsportsmanlike behavior, which the Danish driver admitted he had shown examples of.

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen was repeatedly penalized for repeatedly leaving the track to gain an advantage over Lewis Hamilton. Despite three 10-second penalties followed by a 5-second penalty, Magnussen’s driving highlighted potential gaps in the effectiveness of the current FIA regulations. While the driver’s intentions were clear – to form a barrier for teammate Nico Hulkenberg to continue his points success – the drive was deemed unnecessary by fans.

The scene sparked criticism from other teams, with McLaren team boss Andrea Stella calling the behavior “unacceptable” and suggesting such actions merit a racing ban.

“Unacceptable and deserves a racing ban,” Stella argued. “The decision to increase the penalty from five to ten seconds does not deter drivers in any way.”

On the other hand, Hamilton enjoyed his duel with Magnussen:

“I think we had a good race. It was a little difficult in some places, but that’s what I like, I like to run hard,” he said.

“For me, I wasn’t really screwed or anything. This is what we do to work as a team, so well done.


Responding to growing calls for change, the FIA ​​is now considering several adjustments to its sanctions system. Among the proposals is the introduction of drive-through penalties for deliberate lane-cutting incidents, forcing drivers to give up their seats. In addition, the FIA ​​is discussing the possibility of applying even more severe sanctions in the event of a repeat offense during the same race, as was the case in Miami.

The subject of appropriate sanctions will be discussed in more detail at a meeting planned during the team chiefs’ briefing at the upcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola this weekend. Team representatives and commissioners will meet to discuss these potential changes to ensure they address concerns at all levels without compromising the integrity of the sport.

Stella was one of several team principals who noticed the Haas driver’s behavior:

“How can sanctions be cumulative? They should be exponential. It’s not five plus five plus five equals 15.

“Five plus five plus five equals maybe you should spend a weekend at home with your family and think about your sportsmanship and then go back…” he said.

“This is completely unacceptable. This makes no sense from a sporting point of view and needs to be resolved immediately. »



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