Summer rains in bring relief to KSEB, peak demand falls by 1,500 MW – .

Summer rains in bring relief to KSEB, peak demand falls by 1,500 MW – .
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: The summer rains that lashed the state over the past week brought respite from the sweltering heat as the day temperature dropped by 1 to 4.5 degrees Celsius across . But it was the KSEB that heaved a sigh of relief. Daily power consumption, which was growing at an alarming rate, fell by around 25 million units and peak demand declined by 1,500 MW.

As peak demand reached 5,854 MW on May 2, KSEB took steps to reduce consumption during peak hours. The council had asked public sector units, large industries, Water Authority and lift irrigation projects to reschedule shifts, which helped reduce consumption by about 200 MW. However, peak demand remained above 5,000 MW until May 10. As the rain gods finally smiled, daily consumption fell to 98.89 million units on May 10. Peak demand plunged to 4,365 MW on May 14, recording a decline of 1,489 MW from May. 2.

The KSEB, which was struggling to purchase power from the Day Ahead market and real-time market at exorbitant rates, is relieved as the power situation has become normal.

“A cyclonic circulation over southwest Bay of Bengal and southern Sri Lanka, along with a trough extending from this cyclonic circulation at , has brought rains to Kerala. Under its influence, the state is likely to receive isolated heavy rains from May 15 to 19. The southwest monsoon is expected to advance towards the southern Andaman Sea and parts of the southeastern Bay of Bengal on May 19. Normally, the monsoon reaches the shores of Kerala. within 10 days of reaching South Andaman. So there are chances of monsoon breaking by June 1,” said IMD scientist VK Mini.

According to S Abhilash, director of Cusat Advanced Center for Atmospheric Radar Research, there is little chance of temperature rise as the state will receive moderate rainfall over the next few days under the influence of cyclonic circulation in the Gulf of Bengal and a hollow. going from Sri Lanka to Lakshadweep. There are chances of formation of a low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal which could bring more rains, he said.

Maximum temperature

April 29/May 15 (0C)/ Temperature drop

: 36.2/ 33.9/ -2.3


Punalur () : 38.6/ 35.6/ -3

 : 38,3/ 35,9/ -2,4

Kochi : 34,4/ 33,6/ -0,8

Vellanikara () : 40,0/ 36,2/ -3,8

Palakkad : 41,3/ 36,9/ -4,4

: 38.1/ 35.0/ -3.1

Kannur : 36,7/ 35,2/ -1,5



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