Chargesheet under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, extortion, illegally acquired property case – (Allahabad) News – .

Chargesheet under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, extortion, illegally acquired property case – (Allahabad) News – .
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After the Commissionerate Police’s crackdown on IS-227 gang leader mafia Atiq Ahmed and his gang, the ED Enforcement Directorate has also intensified the action. IDI has filed a chargesheet against Shaista Parveen, the absconding wife of mafia mobster Atiq Ahmed, who received a reward of Rs 50,000. In the chargesheet filed at the ED headquarters in New , the mafia’s wife is accused of extorting money worth millions of rupees.

Shaista Parveen’s interference in illegally acquired mafia assets has been exposed. Filing the chargesheet in the money laundering case, ED said in its investigation that a special Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) court in had taken cognizance of the complaint from the prosecution on May 14. Earlier in December 2021, ED had attached movable and immovable assets worth Rs 8.14 crore of Atiq and Shaista Parveen.

Property worth millions found in Shaista’s name
This also included a land in Phulpur, Prayagraj, registered in the name of Shaista Parveen and a bank balance of Rs 1.28 crore spread across 10 accounts of Atiq Ahmed and one account of Shaista Parveen. The money laundering case is based on a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) FIR related to extortion, fraud and illegal possession of property. The ED said the scope of the investigation was later expanded to include several cases registered against Atiq-Shaista Parveen in various police stations of Uttar Pradesh related to murder, extortion, fraud, counterfeiting, land grabbing and other similar crimes.

ED informed the court through the charge sheet that based on the case registered by CBI against Atiq Ahmed, ED had initiated an investigation by registering a case of money laundering in 2020. The investigation revealed that Atiq Ahmed and his gang members had engaged in acts of extortion, fraud, counterfeiting and theft of property. After which, the cases registered by the police against Atiq and his gang members were also included in the investigation. ED started investigating the properties of Atiq Ahmed, his close family members and gang members.

Ownership in another’s name to avoid government agencies
The same investigation revealed that Atiq and his associates invested the money raised from the crime in the purchase of real estate properties. To avoid detection by government agencies, many properties were purchased in the names of other people and benami holders. ED seized all properties of Atiq and his gang members.

ED is continuing its investigation in this case against Atiq’s wife Shaista, his close family members and gang members. ED had raided 27 locations of Atiq and his close associates during the months of April and June last year, during which Rs 1.15 crore in cash, jewelry worth Rs 6 crore and documents from various properties were recovered.

Mafia Atiq gifted property worth Rs 50 crore to Begum Shaista
Operation Mafia Atiq, launched after the Umesh Pal murder case which created a sensation across the country, is still continuing. Bombers Guddu Muslim, Armaan and Sabir, shooters carrying a reward of Rs 5 lakh, are away from police radar. Prayagraj Commissionerate Police and ED are causing financial losses to UP’s top ten mafia gangs, Atiq’s IS-227 gang. The process of destruction of Atiq’s economic empire, estimated at Rs 3,000 crore, has intensified. After investigating the known and unknown properties of the mafia, the police are now tightening the noose on the properties of his absconding wife Shaista Parveen. A police investigation revealed that the mafia purchased property worth around Rs 50 crore in the name of its Begum Shaista.


The documents are examined by searching for land, house and land in the name of Shaista. Atiq had taken a land worth Rs 5 crore in the name of Shaista Parveen in the posh area of ​​Minhajpur Shahganj police station. Atiq had gifted this 300 square meter land to Begum in 2004. After discovering the land, the police conducted a confidential investigation. Documents have been removed. A team of two inspectors continued to investigate the documents, possession, etc. of this land for a month. The police have now contacted the commissioner based on the report from Shahganj police station. This week, the police will confiscate this land by trumpeting.

Land and house as a gift every two years
When Atiq Ahmed was pregnant, her children were small. In such a situation, year after year, he was registering land and houses in the name of his wife Shaista and in-laws. It started in 1999 and continued till 2007. Although the Raju Pal murder case took place in 2005, Atiq’s influence grew further. Atiq went to prison but the real estate game continued. The Atiq operation lasted for a few years under the BSP government, but when the government changed, Atiq used its currency until 2016 and continued to take land and houses in the family’s name.

1,000 square meter land in Alina City Mafia Drees Project
Mafia Atiq founded Alina City township at 700 Bigha in Bakshi Modha area of ​​Kareli. Thousands of people have reserved plots here. The mafia earned millions of rupees from this dream project. This township, which was established in 2004, was bulldozed by the BSP government in 2005 after the murder of former BSP MP Rajupal. However, after the formation of the PS government, this commune started up again. In this Alina City project, the mafia reserved a thousand square meters of his wife’s land. Its register is in the names of Shaista’s maternal family. The police are investigating his documents.

A farmhouse was to be built on the road from Naini to Begum.
Atiq had promised to build a farm for his wife Shaista Parveen. He took 10 bighas of land near Mama Bhanja pond in Naini area. This land was offered to Shaista so that she could go and live on a farm away from the hustle and bustle of the city whenever she wanted. Atiq appointed his employee Shukla the guardian of this land. The register remained in the farmers’ names, but the agreements and affidavits were withdrawn from them.

This land is in such a valuable location that builders were afraid to build apartments there. When Atiq was incarcerated in ’s Sabarmati jail, two builders from Kareli had gone to meet him in jail. When these builders talked about constructing an apartment on Naini’s land, the mafia made it clear that it belonged to Shaista. His farm will be built. The police questioned the builder. Since around 200 members of the gang were incarcerated during Operation Atiq, the seizure of these lands has not yet been achieved. The police are now preparing to confiscate it after examining the documents.

Shaista and friend’s interference in Bengal hotel worth Rs 100 crore
Along with Atiq, his wife Shaista Parveen also owns a stake in the old Bengal Hotel located on Katju Road in the old city. The Bengal Hotel, which came to light during Operation Atiq during Mayawati’s regime, is once again under investigation. The deed to the Bengal Hotel was divided into four parts. Atiq and his family have repeatedly faced serious allegations regarding this multi-storey building worth millions up and down the road.

During the BSP regime, in 2008, seizure action was taken in two parts of Hotel Bengal. Later, the matter calmed down under the SP government. A large part of the Bengal Hotel is still vacant. Tenants, etc. live there. The police obtained information from Shehla, Shah Abdul Latif and Mohd. Documents about Sabir’s son Samdu have been found. Shehla is a friend of Shaista Parveen. It is believed that Shaista Parveen’s actions were registered in Shehla’s name.

Properties worth Rs 1,800 crore confiscated in many cities
The process of government foreclosure of Ateeq Mafia’s well-known and benami properties continues. Besides Prayagraj, police seized properties of the Atiq gang in Kaushambi, , , Bareilly, , , Delhi, Greater and . According to police, this figure has reached Rs 1,800 crore.



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