217 forest fires in Tamil Nadu since February 1, 2024; Kodaikanal and top the list – .


CHENNAI : As many as 217 forest fires have been recorded since February 1 in Tamil Nadu, which had witnessed extreme temperatures just a few days ago. Among the total forest incidents, Kodaikanal, followed by , recorded the highest number of fire incidents this year.

A senior forest department official said the total forest area damaged by the summer fires will be determined after the season ends. “A separate investigation must be carried out to estimate the damage,” added the official.

It is worth noting that the state has recorded the highest number of wildfires in the last five years. While the summer season is not yet over, the department has equipped forestry divisions with advanced firefighting equipment, in addition to establishing precautionary measures such as fire lines and controlled burning, and to build capacity and train frontline staff and stakeholders, the official explained. .

It also recognized community awareness programs and banning fire-causing activities near forested areas during wildfire season as an effective management method.

Furthermore, “the establishment of forest fire control centers at district and state levels, coupled with extensive use of IT and GIS to monitor and analyze fires, has further enhanced our response mechanism” , said the official.


He also noted that the ministry’s efforts to reduce the impact of these disasters are “demonstrated by the extinguishing of 97 percent of fires within 24 hours.”

Meanwhile, speaking about the measures taken by the forest department to safeguard wildlife, he said they ensure availability of water for them as “harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures and prolonged dry spells, have had a significant impact on wildlife in the forest.”

Over the years, the forest department has created many water points, and this year, more have been created through various projects. Regular filling of these water points by forest staff ensured a constant supply of water for wild animals, the official said.

Additionally, to monitor the movement of wildlife, including herds of elephants, frontline staff use drones during patrols. “Additionally, camera traps installed near waterholes provide valuable information on wildlife behavior and waterhole use, helping us to better understand and respond to the needs of wildlife in these times. difficult,” observed the official.



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