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Arbi, also known as taro root or colocasia, is a versatile and nutritious root vegetable that is gaining popularity around the world. This starchy wonder offers numerous benefits thanks to its impressive nutritional profile.

According to G Sushma, clinical dietician, CARE Hospitals, Banjara Hills, , arbi has a high water content, which can help in hydration. during hot summer days.

“Some traditional medicine systems suggest that certain foods, including arbi, have cooling properties that can help balance body temperature and relieve heat. Although the scientific evidence for this claim is limited, incorporating cooling foods like arbi into your diet can offer subjective relief in hot weather,” she added.

Here are various reasons why arbi deserves to be part of your plate this summer, along with a look at its nutritional content.

The nutritional profile of arbi

Arbi is a low calorie food rich in essential nutrients. Sushma provided a breakdown of what 100 grams of raw arbi offers:

Discover essential vitamins for optimal health, explore delicious food sources to fuel your body, and learn the truth about supplements. The vitamin C contained in arbi strengthens the immune system. (Source: Freepik)

Can diabetics eat it?

Sushma said that diabetics can consume arbi in moderation, but you should consult your doctor for personalized dietary advice regarding diabetes management. Here’s how to manage it effectively:

Portion control: Watch portion sizes to avoid blood sugar spikes.

Cooking methods: Opt for healthier methods like boiling, steaming or baking instead of frying.

Balanced meals: Pair arbi with protein and healthy fats to slow the absorption of carbohydrates.

Blood sugar monitoring: Track your blood sugar levels before and after consuming arbi to understand its impact.

blood sugar Sushma said diabetics can consume arbi in moderation (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)


Is it beneficial for pregnant women?

Arbi offers valuable nutrients for a healthy pregnancy, Sushma said. It is rich in folate, which prevents neural tube defects in the developing fetus, Sushma said.

“It helps with iron deficiency anemia, a concern during pregnancy. It also relieves constipation, a common discomfort during pregnancy, and regulates blood sugar levels, which is beneficial for pregnant women with diabetes,” she explained.

Things to keep in mind

While TREE offers many benefits, here are some considerations according to Sushma:

Allergies: Some people may be allergic to arbi or related root vegetables. Use caution if you have known allergies.

Carbohydrate content: Watch portion sizes, especially if you’re managing your carb intake.

overconsumption: Excessive consumption or unhealthy cooking methods can lead to weight gain and digestive discomfort.

Preparation methods: Opt for healthier cooking methods like boiling, steaming or baking.

Careful cooking: Always cook arbi thoroughly to eliminate foodborne pathogens.

Myths and facts

Sushma debunked some myths and facts about arbi:

Myth Do
Arbi is high in calories and not suitable for weight loss Arbi is relatively low in calories and can be part of a weight loss diet when prepared healthily.
Arbi makes you gain weight Arbi itself does not make you gain weight. Unhealthy cooking methods can increase calorie content.
Arbi is not suitable for diabetics Diabetics can consume arbi in moderation with proper portion control and proper blood sugar monitoring.

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