Jessica Biel Wants to Normalize Her Periods, So She Wrote a Children’s Book

Jessica Biel Wants to Normalize Her Periods, So She Wrote a Children’s Book
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Jessica Biel has so much going on right now that it’s easy for the general public to forget that she’s also a mother. The 42-year-old is mom to sons Silas, 8, and Phineas, 3, and they have inspired her next career move.

Jessica is the author of a new children’s book called, A children’s book about periods.

“It was kind of an accident,” she says of writing the book. The idea came after a business meeting with his producing partner, Michelle Purple, and the founder and CEO of A Kids Co., and grew from there. “It was the quickest process, which is unusual because everyone I’ve spoken to who has written a book, talks about it as a five-year odyssey,” she said . Women’s .

A children’s book about periods

Jessica says the book was written quickly after talking about her first period with friends and colleagues.

“We managed to resolve it in one afternoon on Zoom after a good crying session,” she says. “I screamed at the top of my lungs trying to tell my story and why it’s important to me. And we were all crying and it was so fun and cathartic.”

Jessica says she asked her mother if they had discussed her period before she got her first period. “She said, ‘Yeah, we totally talked about it. absolutely prepared you. I said, “You did it?” I don’t remember it at all.

In fact, Jessica says she “thought I was dying” when she got her first period. “I was literally like, this is it. It’s been a good run,” she remembers thinking. Now, Jessica says she doesn’t know if she just didn’t listen to her mom or if she “just felt a lot of embarrassment and shame” as her period approached.

“We need to change the sentiment around how we talk about this thing and how we can accept that 50% of our population has periods that even people like my mother who were doing really well and were preparing me for it and were helping, but I wasn’t “I’m not open to listening because I think I was probably like, “Oh my God, no, earmuffs,” because of the cultural shame that surrounds,” she said.


Fast forward to now. These days, Jessica wants to make sure other kids are better informed, including her sons. Jessica dedicated the book to her sons, but she says they haven’t read it together yet.

“We’re definitely ready to read it,” she said. “I shared other things with them, like they saw my tampons, they saw my sanitary products. They asked me: “What is this?” “And it’s interesting, every time they ask me, I’m in a moment where I’m trying to do something, get out of the house and I have to run to work or this and that, and I don’t I couldn’t do it. give them time to sit down and say, “Okay, I really want to tell you what it is. »

Still, Jessica says she’s talked to her kids about how she feels when she’s on her period. “I shared with them, ‘Hey, I’m on my period.’ I don’t feel well today. My patience level is really low. I’m just warning everyone,” she said. “We had this conversation.”

Jessica says she also said periods are “something women go through every month that I’m going to tell you about later.” I just don’t have time right now.

“I think we create a sense of calm and normalcy,” she says. “So when I get to read the book with [Silas] and talks about all the details, I think he’ll say, “Wow, that’s pretty cool and weird and wonderful, and okay, I’m done.” Can I go watch my movie now?’” she said.

According to Jessica, that’s the vibe she’s looking for.

“The feeling I want the book to have is, ‘All right, it is what it is. Let’s not make a big deal out of it. Let’s keep moving forward.’”

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